Traditionally DMAIC is foundation of Six Sigma but it is extremely limited to the improvement in the existing processes, products and services. In addition to existing processes, products and services, the ultimate aim of any of such exercise is overall improvement in how an organization creates and delivers process, products and services including the brand new one. Several structured methodologies exist to address the design of new product, process and services. These include DMADV and DMADOV.

DMADV which is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Validate is a well- recognized “Design for Six Sigma methodology.” Some authors refer “V” for “verify.” Some author having view that “verify” and “validate” can not be used synonymously & concern is valid here comes DMADVV methodology.

Verify is about ensuring that the design output meets the design requirements and specifications. It can be performed only on the final process, product and service. The Verify ensures that the design has resulted correct process, product and services.

On the other hand Validation is about effectiveness of the design process itself. It ensures that design process is capable of meeting the requirements of the final process, product and services.

Both validation and verification are necessary in any context & hence DMADVV is more appropriate.

DMADOV which is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Optimize and Validate is another well- recognized “Design for Six Sigma methodology”. The basic difference between DMADV & DMADOV is a refinement action on the design. Many authors and practitioners does not include optimize action. DMADOV forces attention on the need to optimize the design by applying additional tools like Design of Experiments, Response Surface Methodology (RSM), and Evolutionary Operations (EVOP). These tools help in refining design parameters.

As DFSS is usually applied in situations wherein a new product or business process needs to be designed or re-designed from the very beginning. So maintaining such high levels of quality from the very beginning makes Optimize step very crucial.

There are many variant of Design for Six Sigma methodology exists but the not much popular. DMADOV and DMADV are among most popular.

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